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Cat and Sens of Life

There is number of people asking for sense of life just before the retirement age. I was lucky to meet one professor who is highly regarded in the scientific environment, published an enormous amount of papers and openly admitted lack of knowledge on sense of life.

I was again lucky. I moved to a place with a 20 years old cat in it.  Her name is Smokey and I think she is holding the key to the kingdom of wisdom. She sleeps most of the time.  At the moment the sun moves into her shade she has to lift up her butt and move again to a shadier place.

When hungry she meowing in front of me for as long as she gets what she wants. It seems that no time and no fear exist in her world. Just let it all flow.


Comments on: "Cat and Sens of Life" (2)

  1. Christina said:

    i just enlarged the pic of smokey! She is so scruffy and cute 😉 and the way she looks into the camera….smokey!

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