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Hot Science

Science is hot. After the top soil has been transferred I am going to apply different treatments to it to stimulate its seed bank to germinate. One of the most exciting of them is to transfer heat (~80-100C) into the sandy soil. The very important point is to exclude the impact of the ash on our seed bank. Just heat. And this is a challenge what makes my grey cells in my brain spin. To make this treatment powerfull from the statistical point of you I have to repeat it ca 48 times.

I have received a multiple number of suggestions:

1. LPG gas burner and alu sheet – it turns out to be very time-consuming and laborious. I do not have much time as I have to do it by the beginning of the winter

2.Steam carpet cleaner – it is a half joke but if you know someone ready to do it let me know!!!

3. System of a heater and pipes with hot liquid in them running under the surface of my soil. It is a very sophisticated set to replicate in the field. +too much disturbance to the soil seed bank.

4. tray with burning charcoals on top of it. It is very easy to construct and operate but I am afraid that most of the heat will be lost to the atmosphere.


It is a tray with a tunnel top working as a heat sink. The mesh underneath is the reinforcement mesh to go under our Field Heat Conductor (FHC). It prevents metal sheets from bending down and helps in carrying it from plot to plot (hopefully). You can see spikes going downward but they complicate the construction. I would really appreciate any advice on improving my FHC.


The one more good thing about the charcoal is that we have to have a bonfire beforehand somewhere nearby 😀


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