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Araluen Park and Hunger


raluen Botanic Park bears ambivalent feelings in a plant ecologist. It is a beautiful place but it is also a place which is poor in botanic knowledge. It is well equipped with BBQ plates and benches and different types of seats:

Unfortunately I was not equipped with a pork loin. I headed toward the restaurant just to realize it is a low-traffic season. The amenities like these are closed.

I decided to have a hike in search for labels – the ones with plant latin names on them. No such information is available at any corner of the park. After a longerĀ  hike I started to feel like I evolve into one of the Australopithecus sediba described in one of the current Nature magazine: “The diet of A. sediba”

“…Phytolith, stable carbon isotope, and dental microwear texture data for two individuals of Au. sediba, 2-million-year-old hominins from South Africa, show that they consumed a mostly C3 diet that probably included harder foods, and both dicotyledons (for example, tree leaves, fruits, and wood or bark) and monocotyledons (for example, grasses and sedges)…”

Before I started to chew on some of the fibrous individuals I took a picture of a yummie-looking thing:

and drove back home.


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