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Hibertia in a coat from Mama

Hibertia! You are just like us Young Humans. Each generation is so reluctant to leave a save seed coat provided by mama. Maybe now? No. Now? No.

It is among the top hard-to-germinate genera (Hidayati 2012). The coat is thick and woody. The seed has to undergo a process of growth inside the coat.  At some point it is so tight and cramped that it pops out and live on its own producing butter flowers. Many of them to see in Kings Park Botanic Park at this moment:

Reference: Hidayati, S., and J. Walck. 2012. Guinea flowers (Hibertia) and the complexities to germinate them.
For People & Plants (77):18-19.

Kings Park and Cosmos


ings Park Botanic Park is much better equipped in ecological knowledge than the one below. It pulls me there every time I visit Perth CBD.  They also do science and publish interesting bits in their own journal:“For People & Plants”.

All hard-core Physicists agree that the cosmos is expanding. Presumably it was created from NOTHING and is growing into big NOTHING. It looks like life is a outcome of that motion between two nothings. Every electron spins around their protons, DNA is cut-up and replicated constantly, thoughts in our heads never stop running. There is no life without the motion.

The Kangaroo Paw (Anigozanthos) shows you the way to Kings Park Centre:Image

Hurry up! It is getting dark already.