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Alcoa and Recalcitrantness

luminium is the third most abundant chemical element in the Earth’s crust (after oxygen and silicon) and somehow only Australia was blessed with huge areas with its condensed form = bauxites. I will not mention how much money they make but I want to show my big respect for what Alcoa Mining Company does for the environment. It seems to be the most green form of mining activities I have ever experienced. Luckily, bauxites are relocated in a patchy way across Jarrah forest, south of Perth. Therefore the excavating procedure is limited to ridges and flasks. Valleys stay untouched.

They remove vegetation, topsoil and overburden first. Then the big machines dig out the level of 1-4m red rock and transport it over to the refinery. Once they exhausted the site earthwork contractors start bringing overburden and topsoil back to where it was that is 1-4 m lower of course. And Marrinup nursery brings life back to this place. The recalcitrant plants that is the one who abandoned seed production are propagated in the sterile conditions of tissue culture facilities. They are grown in very luxurious conditions – away from parasites, in sealed jars filled with sugar and microelements. They even do not bother to send out roots in there. It is a big dose of  ecological knowledge we gain thanks to Alcoa.

My Science

My real science has started on 28th of March. On that day I was officially enrolled into the PhD studies at Murdoch University, Perth Australia. The official science is a very structured and at the same time mentally demanding. Therefore there should be an area where my thoughts can let loose and roam around as much as they want. This is it.