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Araluen Park and Hunger


raluen Botanic Park bears ambivalent feelings in a plant ecologist. It is a beautiful place but it is also a place which is poor in botanic knowledge. It is well equipped with BBQ plates and benches and different types of seats:

Unfortunately I was not equipped with a pork loin. I headed toward the restaurant just to realize it is a low-traffic season. The amenities like these are closed.

I decided to have a hike in search for labels – the ones with plant latin names on them. No such information is available at any corner of the park. After a longer  hike I started to feel like I evolve into one of the Australopithecus sediba described in one of the current Nature magazine: “The diet of A. sediba”

“…Phytolith, stable carbon isotope, and dental microwear texture data for two individuals of Au. sediba, 2-million-year-old hominins from South Africa, show that they consumed a mostly C3 diet that probably included harder foods, and both dicotyledons (for example, tree leaves, fruits, and wood or bark) and monocotyledons (for example, grasses and sedges)…”

Before I started to chew on some of the fibrous individuals I took a picture of a yummie-looking thing:

and drove back home.

Cat and Sens of Life

There is number of people asking for sense of life just before the retirement age. I was lucky to meet one professor who is highly regarded in the scientific environment, published an enormous amount of papers and openly admitted lack of knowledge on sense of life.

I was again lucky. I moved to a place with a 20 years old cat in it.  Her name is Smokey and I think she is holding the key to the kingdom of wisdom. She sleeps most of the time.  At the moment the sun moves into her shade she has to lift up her butt and move again to a shadier place.

When hungry she meowing in front of me for as long as she gets what she wants. It seems that no time and no fear exist in her world. Just let it all flow.